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About Us

KCGameOn Crew from KCGameOn#90 - Nov 20, 2021.

Our Mission

To organize gaming and esports programs, conferences and events to enrich and grow esports in the KC metro through serving our community.

Our Vision

To facilitate the growth and education of gaming and esports in the KC Metro.

Our History

From the humble beginnings of a grass roots gaming Saturday in 2005 to 300 person gaming events bi-monthly in 2019. We have hosted over 100 live events. These events include many single day 15 hour gaming events with multiple tournaments, multiday gaming conventions at HyVee Areana and KCI Expo Center, MLB the Show @ Kauffman Stadium, individual company esports leagues and much more. Come game with us.

Our Team

These are the folks that put all of their time, passion and energy into KCGameOn
each day to give us all a better opportunity for gaming and esports tomorrow.

Nick Engstrom

Nick 'nickthenerd' Engstrom grew up gaming with his siblings playing board games, NES and later PC games like Warcraft/Starcraft. His passion for gaming led him to hosting LAN parties in college.

After moving to KC, Nick started attending KCGameOn in 2008. Nick quickly asked to move into an admin role in 2010 to continue the gaming events when some of the other leaders stepped down. Since that time, KCGameOn has grown from ~50 people to ~300 people bi-monthly and scaled out to other venues, multi-day gaming conventions and into online leagues during the pandemic.

Nick is now the CEO of KCGameOn, vice-chair of the KC Esports Coalition and a 20 year IT professional, working to better the gaming and esports ecosystem of Kansas City everyday. When Nick has some downtime, he will play just about any multiplayer game that is popular at the time, but in single player enjoys RPG's and Construction/Management Strategy games like Factorio. Outside of gaming, Nick spends whatever time he has with his family and is an avid KState/Chiefs/Royals fan. You can find Nick via twitter @nick_the_nerd.

Jason Wendel

Started attending events in 2008 and saw some areas where he could help with networking. So he started volunteering and got the ball rolling on acquiring newer switches, a firewall, and Internet access. Slowly built out more and more complex networks and power layouts for events.

Jason is now the CTO of KCGameOn and 15 year IT professional, working to make sure the technical side of events are the best they can be. Favorite game tends to change over time but it's usually some type of FPS.

Gabriel Muñoz

Esports are not all about the players… well, actually, maybe a little. However there’s a lot of moving parts that don’t see the main stage and still play a vital role.

My name is Gabriel Munoz and I am a passionate gamer who has turned his creativity in to a backbone component for making gaming and esports look good through graphic design, videography, and editing processes.

I started out by organizing small esports events way back in 2010, and eventually got in touch with KCGameOn years later. Fast forward to 2022, and I am now able to make an impact on the optics of gaming/esports in Kansas City through KCGameOn as a Creative Designer.

Landon Cornett

Landon is the odd one out in the KCGameOn esports scene. While he has played League of Legends and some other competitive games, his true passion is MMOs, tabletop games, and community building. This is why he has been the KCGameOn Volunteer Coordinator since 2017. If you've been to any of our events in the last 5 years you will have seen him at the registration desk checking people in. Now in 2022 he is stepping into a larger role as Operations Manager, helping to manage and expand our live events and grow the community here in KC.

Landon's favorite games are Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends, and he is currently participating in two Pathfinder second edition tabletop games. You can find him on most internet places as @psyberwraith.

Ashley Jones

Ashley "AJ" Jones has been the Director, Membership Sales and Services at the National Association of Collegiate Esports since August 2021.

She previously held the position of Esports Coach at Park University for 2.5yrs. She has been involved in the esports industry for over 6 years. Her passion for video games started at a young age and substantially grew once the esports industry found its way into higher education.

She has loved Kansas City since arriving here from Gainesville, FL in 2018, and is determined to cultivate and expand the esports community here. I can be found @AshleyOfTheYear on most social media platforms.

Devon Schreiner

Devon has been organizing tournaments bigger than just his friend group since 2009. League of Legends has always been his passion and that's what drew him to create LeagueKC, a LoL community in 2015. After finding KCGameOn in 2016, he started volunteering, shoutcasting, and organizing tournaments. Now as the Director of Community, Devon is for the most part the person behind the social media posts and most other communications for KCGameOn.

Devon's favorite games are League of Legends, TFT, Sea of Thieves, Guild Wars 2, and Beat Saber. Outside of gaming, you'll find him spending time with his two kids, flying a drone, or drinking a beer. On the internet, you can find him @DevonSchreiner.

Caleb Meyer

Caleb is a board gamer first and video gamer second. He grew up on the super nintendo, xbox, and PC. His favorite older game is the original Empire Earth, where you could feasibly be dropping nukes on guys with swords and spears. His favorite board game is Spirit Island, a challenging cooperative game where you drive out the invaders as spirits with cool names like Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares.

Caleb went to college at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg and got his computer science degree. Today he helps out on the website and hosts a weekly board game night on his custom gaming table. When he's not taking care of his wife and 3 kids, he plays games on the steam deck, the best thing to ever happen to PC gaming.

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