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KCGAMEON started as a LAN (Local Area Network) party in 2005. Originally a small group of co-workers who packed up their computers from home (BYOC = Bring your own computer), set up their rigs by plugging into a local network, and would play games until their eyes bleed. A lot of things have changed since those days, which quickly expanded to 30 players.

Over the last few years we have grown our event in attendance while also including all forms of gaming/fun - PC, console, hand-held gaming, tabletop and D&D adventures/pathfinder.

Both men and women attend these events both casually and competitively. We rotate tournaments for various games as the popularity for the games increase and decrease over time. Some of these tournaments have prizes, but some of them are just for bragging rights, too.

We provide food (dinner is around 6pm) and snacks/drinks/candy throughout the event as part of the attendance fee.

There are SIX events each year (five KCGameOn and one KCGameCON event). They are roughly 6-8 weeks apart. We try to adjust our dates to miss all major events in KC as well as major holidays. Check the SCHEDULE page for the actual dates. We release the dates for the entire year at the beginning of each year.

The cost per event is found on our registration page for each event. Our website has a home-grown, secure payment system that uses paypal. This provides us a low-cost, low-overhead solution to automating the payment/seating process.

You also have the option to pay cash at the check-in table as you walk in the door - but this does not guarantee you a seat. We always recommend you pre-pay to reserve a seat/saving a lot of time when you get to the event.

The walk-in fee applies to everyone, including BYOC, tabletop, console gaming and spectators. The KCGameCON event has an entirely different payment structure, we will provide that information as we set it in stone.

We know that in order to retain players over time, we must provide value for the player.

A portion also goes to purchasing candy/snacks and sometimes we need to buy more infrastructure - new cat5/multiplugs/etc. We are fortunate enough to have our building expenses and dinner paid for through sponsorship!

The staff does not make a dime. The event does not exist to make money off of the gamer - we are only here to network and above all - HAVE FUN!

No alcohol, drugs or weapons are allowed, just gaming.

The worst thing that could happen could get a tooth ache, carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow. Make sure you take frequent breaks to check out the rest of the event and meet people just like you!

We are currently working on a new raffle system - I'll update with more information when it's available.

Well, it all depends on how many prizes we get from our current sponsors and how many we purchase out right and lastly, how many people attend the event and purchase additonal raffle tickets, but typically it is 10-20 door prizes per event, with the possibility of many more and much higher value prizes for the multiday events.

Please see our current sponsor list, shown HERE.

We try to get additional sponsors all the time, so this is always changing.

KCGameOn takes all of our resources from the year and put them toward a dedicated gaming convention for Kansas City!

We will continue to support all types of gaming with a VIP option for food/candy throughout the event.

This format allows us to bring esports, spectating, cosplay and a vendor expo to a large venue to support thousands of people.

This is largely dependent on user interest. Here is a current list of all of the tournaments at this event.

If you have a favorite game and you want to get a tournament going, just let us know and we will get signups going at the registration desk.

Only if you request and get approved by the staff.

Absolutely, please feel free to use social media to spread the good word as well.

Absolutely, please feel free to use social media to spread the good word as well.

Yes, you sure can. When going through the registration process, just be sure to add their name to your checkout before hitting the PAY NOW button.

You can help support GameOn by purchasing products from our sponsors. If you see them in person be sure to thank them for their support.

Invite your friends, defeat that nerdist perception and make them aware this is a pretty cool event!

We need a minimum of 30 person pay for the event fee. We have had to cancel events in the past, but it has been many, many years since we did. :)

Take a look at the schedule page for a long history of attendence counts.

Due to the overwhelming number of players, we no longer accept cancellations or provide refunds. Please be sure you can make it before you buy a ticket.

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