Next Event: June TBA tickets available SOON!

What do I need to bring?

A seat with tables and chairs for your gaming needs
A fast and reliable network infrastructure (all gigabit!)
Electricity for your power hungry gaming systems
We provide your powerstrip and ethernet cable for this event!
Various vendors for purchasing and supporting local artists/craftspersons
Various Snacks/Candy/Pop/Water to eat throughout the event
Dinner will be provided around 6:00pm
An organized event with organized tournaments
Announcements and door prizes will be provided when a more structured time schedule will be published.
An opportunity to meet people just like you and a great time for all

Before attending an event, please make sure everything is in working order to avoid any inconvenience

Gaming computer
Power cable for monitor
Power cable for computer
Mouse Pad
Labels for your gear (optional)
Install any OS updates
Install and update your Anti-Virus application
Install and patch all games you plan to play

Please scan computer attending!!!

Trend Micro HouseCall -
Windows Defender
Ad-Aware -

KCGAMEON tries to provide some projectors and speakers for use at the KCGO events. These are reserved when you sit on the map - first come, first serve.

Your console of choice
Power cord
Video cord(s) (usually hdmi or component, but I recommend you bring composite as well, if your console supports that)
Batteries for Controllers (optional)
Headsets (optional)
Games you want to play (KCGAMEON does not provide any console games)
Batteries for Controllers (optional)
Monitor/TV (optional - some people bring their own)
Label your gear - label it to make sure it doesn't get mixed up with your neighbors

Your Boardgame collection
Labels for your boxes/games/gear
Little baggies for your game pieces
Plastic containers for more game pieces

Your Cardgame collection
Sleeves for your cards
20-sided dice
Labels for any binders/boxes
Pen/Pad of paper for keep track of scores

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