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KCGameOn needs YOU!

As you probably know, all of our entry fees go back into our events as improvements, with a focus on the December event. As a volunteer of KCGameOn events, we offer FREE attendance to each of the events you support. Higher preference will go to returning volunteers who have shown that they make KCGameOn a priority. You will be able to get some gaming in during the event, but we want volunteers who will work to provide a positive experience for the attendees. We want to continue to bring the best experience possible for everyone at the event, which is why we rely on our volunteers help us put on the best gaming events in Kansas City!

Here are the spots we need to fill at each event:

  • Setup/Teardown (5+) - Show up the day before the event and help us get everything ready, stay after the event and help us put everything away. This is the most physically demanding of our positions, but also leaves you free to attend the entire event with no other responsibilities.
  • Check-in (4) - The first faces our attendees see when they walk through the door. Help people check-in using our "state of the art" registration and check-in system. Also answer questions that attendees might have. This position is working until at least dinner time.
  • Help Desk (2) - Sit at the third floor Help Desk, answer questions, and assist with any issues attendees may have.
  • Tournament Organizers - Manage brackets, sign up teams and free agents, provide rules and settle disputes, generally run the tournament for whichever game you are running.
  • Streamers/Casters - Pick a Tournament and cast! You will stream on the KCGameOn twitch channel and provide caster commentary for the games during our tournaments. Work closely with the Tournament organizers for timing of games and which matches to highlight. You can stream on your own channel when not streaming the tournament.

If you are ready to step up to the next level, take on additional responsibility, and work to make every event as great as it can be, we have positions available in Operations (Still volunteer positions, we're all volunteers). These positions will require additional commitment and work between events:

  • Tournament Director - Help organize all tournament timings to minimize overlap and maximize viewership. Manage the Tournament Organizers to make sure they fulfilling their responsibilities. Run/Manage any tournaments that do not have an organizer. Contact nick@kcgameon.com for more details.
  • Stream Director - In charge of all twitch streaming channels, keeping everything up to date with layout, afk and transition slides for each stream. This person will also run the main stream during the event (twitch.tv/kcgameon) that will pull from every other stream. This director would also work with tournament streamers directly prior to the event.
  • Website Developer - Work on building and improving the very website you are currently looking at. Expectation is a minimum 10 hours development work per event. Languages are currently C#, ASP.NET, Javascript. You would also need to be able to test your work with a few others and be available at the event in case we have questions or issues (you won't have to follow medium risk process) We currently use a private repo for the website code.

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