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Travel and Venue Information: Park University - Academic Underground

Address and Info:

8700 NW River Park Dr
Parkville, MO 64152

Established: 1875

Flagship Campus: Parkville, Mo.

Oldest Building: Mackay Hall (construction began in 1886, occupied in 1893)

Mackay Hall, placed on the National Register of Historic Places, houses the University’s administrative offices, as well as classrooms. It was started in 1886 with the help of students who quarried the stone from the school’s land, carried it to the site and helped to build the structure as a means of earning their tuition. With its clock tower overlooking the residence halls, classrooms and other more modern facilities around it, Mackay Hall has become the symbol of the University.

Directions to KCGameOn hosted at Park University:

One of the most unique things about venue is that the area we will be playing is completely underground in the cave system. In order to make this as simple as possible, follow these steps to make the transition from above ground to the underground and vice versa.

  1. Drive to Park University in Parkville, MO. When you enter the campus, you will see a fork in the road - take a right and follow the signs to the commercial underground.
  2. Drive to the big cave entrance that is labeled 'President Mackenzie Underground Entrance" - Continue driving inside the caves, just look for/follow the kcgameon signs on the walls - we will guide you to the drop off location.
  3. When you get the drop off site, put it in park, unload your gear and bring it on into the check-in area (more signs). Check in and drop your stuff at your seat.
  4. Now go back to your car, and park your car - you are going to be here a while. There is only a small amount of parking underground - once that is full, we will guide people to exit the underground and park in whatever legal space is available on campus.

The color map on this page is clickable to zoom in - You may park in any of the spots designated 'general parking' - color coded as a red/yellow letter on the map.

Once parked, head for one of two entrances and follow the signs back to the event space. One entrance (#18 on the map) is east of the two giant domes - you can't miss these. The other entrance (#8) is toward the middle of campus near Mackay Hall - it's the big building with the spire(s) on it.

When it is time to leave, drive back to the drop-off zone and load up - head out in the same way that you had to park earlier and off you go.

Good luck, have fun - you will need it!


No outside food or drink is allowed in the venue. This will be provided during the event. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the campus, including the event itself.

Dinner will be served at 6pm, snacks and drink will be available during the event as well. We recommend you eat lunch before you show up at the event.

Smoking is not permitted on the Park University campus. For additional policy on tobacco, please click HERE.

No derogatory, defamation, racist or otherwise offensive words will be used at KCGameOn. You will get one warning, unless otherwise blatantly over the line, then you will be asked to leave immediately.


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