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KCGameOn is a not-for-profit organization that hosts gaming events where we promote community casual and competitive play in the Kansas City metro.

We host all types of gaming like PC, Console, Boardgaming/Tabletop, DnD and even drone racing (tiny whoop).


KCGameOn hosts two different event types during the year

One event type is our "community gaming event" that hosts 300-400 people, runs 15 hours bi-monthly, has a small raffle, expo and provides snacks/pop/candy and a catered dinner at a building near downtown Kansas City. We host this event FIVE times a year.

The second type is our "gaming convention," which takes place the first week of December is named "KCGameCON" (Kansas City Gaming Convention) and it is dedicated to gaming culture, has a large expo, featuring esports tournaments with stages, several prize raffles, promotes cosplay and costume judging and a 500+ person LAN (local area network) which is hosted at the KCI Expo Center and runs for 48+ straight hours!

  • For more information and the history of KCGameOn, visit the About Us page
  • Our events are "Bring your own computer/console/device." This allows our event to accomodate different audiences and run efficient tournaments since everyone involved plays at the same time (no sitting around for hours waitng for a spot to open).
  • This is an all ages event, but if the gamer is 13 and younger, he/she will need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • All persons at the event must sign a standard liability Wavier - if the gamer is under 13, it must also be signed by his/her guardian. This only needs to be signed once a year.
  • To look at upcoming dates or to see previous attendance figures - visit the Schedule.
  • To see what the map looks like for the upcoming event, visit the Map page.
  • To look at pictures from past events - visit the Gallery.
  • For information on what you need to bring with you to an event - visit the FAQ.
  • For more information on the location that the event takes place at - visit the Venue page.
  • If you are interested in helping with our events - please feel out this Volunteer  form.
  • We offer PC and/or monitor or other peripheral rentals - to reserve your hardware, fill out this form.

Instructions for both signing up for a tournament and what to do on GAME DAY!


Create an account

If you haven't already done so, start by creating a username for the website (all persons buying a ticket must have their own account) - it will ask for your username (gametag), First/Lastname, email and verify you are not a robot by answering a simple math equation.


Buy a ticket

Next, visit our Event Registration page to purchase a ticket. We have several different ticket types based on the reason you are coming to the event.
The BYOC ticket are for people bringing in their own PC to play games during the event.
Console/Spectator/TinyWhoop tickets are for people bringing a console/monitor,
Other tickets are for one-off tournaments, in particular where an entry free exists for a cash prize.

Select the number of tickets you need and assign the tickets to usernames that will be attending this event.

Once that is done, check the box to agree to polices and procedures and click 'Checkout'


Payment and Redirect

This will take you to Paypal where you will log into their website and click the pay button.

Once the transaction is complete, Paypal will autodirect you back to our MAP page.


Map (if applicable)

If you purchased a BYOC ticket, you will need to reserve your spot! Go ahead and click a white-colored seat to reserve it now.

White seats are available seats for you to sit in.
Blue seats are already reserved by someone else.
Black seats are administratively reserved seats for infrastructure.

When you select your seat - the website will notify you that you have been seated.

You should receive an email via the email you provided with your user account with a barcode. Use this to check-in on game day! (more info below)

What do I do on GAME DAY!


First Thing First

Make a list of things you need and pack accordingly - reference this page for a generic list

Pack up your gear into your car - make sure you put a pillow or blanket down for your screen to rest on for the drive.

Make sure you pre-fill out your liability waiver, if you haven't aleady done so for the year.


Get to KCGameOn

Drive to the event - you can get there at any time but if you play in a tournament, please make sure you are setup and ready to go 30 minutes prior to your tournament start time.

For more information on the location that the event takes place at - visit the Venue page.

The address is 2702 Rock Creek Parkway, North Kansas City, MO 64117


I'm here, now what?

We have a five minute drop off area by the east entrance of the building - pull up, park, get your stuff and come on in! We have carts for use as well, they should be sitting near the doors.

Have your email handy on your smart phone and scan it on the check-in computer.

If you have paid early, sat on the map (if applicable) and signed your waiver - it should take 3 seconds.

Once you are checked in, go set up your stuff and get ready to play!


I'm set up, what's next!

Feel free to drop in and get pop/candy during the day - there are printed maps near the front entrance for you to reference where things are at the event.

Please be sure to check into your tournament on time (30 minutes before the start time) and make sure you chat it up with people during your downtime.

We appreciate you and hope you have a great time - if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to stop by and talk to the front desk/help desk and let's figure out how to make this event bigger and better!

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us HERE and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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